in my 30 years of being in the US, this is the first time that not a single kid came up to our door for candy! they must be playing games instead.
modern mom

Me: Hey Mom, I’m taking Vietnamese at school right now.

Mom (in viet): LOL REALLY? I’m gonna text you instead of calling you from now on and you have to respond back in Vietnamese.

And then she tells me that she’s gonna go to bed smiling tonight.

mom technology

Hi trung con trai cua me con co khoe khong me beit text roi thinh thoang me text tham con duoc khmong ho ho

My mom’s first text to me. Rough translation: “Hi my darling. Are you well? I just learned how to text. Can I text you sometimes?”

Hi Mom! I am good!! You can text me anytime. I love you!

My response. Rough translation: “Yes. Now I won’t feel bad not picking up your calls during meetings.”

I got so excited when I saw this fifteen minutes ago lol.

edit: ALSO, apparently, my mother translates laughter to “ho ho” rather than “ha ha” which is what I’m used to. Interesting.